Useful Resources for parents and educators

The British Dyslexia Association (BDA)
The BDA website provides a wealth of information on dyslexia.  Although the BDA refers to the British Education system, much of their information is universal. The following sections may be useful starting points from the BDA website:

Follow the link “About dyslexia” and select “Frequently asked questions”

Dyslexia sometimes co-occurs with ADHD.  Here are two useful websites:
This website has some useful references on ADHD:

Websites of related professions:

The South African Association for Learning and Educational Differences

The South African Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Occupational Therapy Association of South Africa

Psychological Society of South Africa

The South African Society of Physiotherapy

The Paediatric Neurology and Development Association of Southern Africa

Paired Reading DVD SmartKidsPearson
Pearson Publishers asked Elizabeth Nadler-Nir (Speech and Language Therapist) to review their Smart Kids Read first reader series.  Both Karen Simpson of Pearson and Elizabeth Nadler-Nir discussed the importance of giving parents some paired reading tips. A parent DVD was made using the Pearson books.  In the DVD, Elizabeth observes parents reading with their children (aged 6 to 8 years) and then provides ideas and models ways to make the paired reading experience richer. The children are of different reading ability, but all are in early stages of reading development. At the end of the DVD she briefly discusses reading difficulties.  A sample of a young boy at the very earliest stages of reading development is available on YouTube.

The RALLI Campaign: Raising Awareness of Language Learning Impairments
These are short and extremely useful YouTube clips on Language Learning Impairments. Some topics include:
Signs of SLI (specific language impairment) in the classroom
Teachers: Adapting your language

Academic Journals
There are many Academic Journals that deal with the issue of reading barriers.  These can be found through UCT Libraries.  Some useful Journals include:

  • Reading Research Quarterly
  • The Reading Teacher
  • Reading working papers in Linguistics
  • Reading and Writing Quarterly
  • Reading research and instruction
  • Reading improvement
  • Reading Horizons